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SIREN Sea-Turtle

A Mobile App to facilitate the collection of data, comparability, and sharing of beach nesting data.

Our success in creating SIREN to document the opportunistic sightings of the aquatic megafauna inspired us to use a similar mobile solution to address issues related to beach nesting monitoring data, which is not used to its optimum potential. Some of the issues include the incompatibility of data formats that does not allow the comparability across geographical areas, the limited skills to analyze the data and the difficulty of digitizing the data and centralizing it into a larger database.

AMMCO, in collaboration with RASTOMA, is developing SIREN-Turtles, a new version of the SIREN App to be used around the world by sea turtle researchers for an easy and systematic collection of nesting beach monitoring data. The App could be used offline and will be available on iOS, Android and Web interface, initially in French and English. All the uploaded data will be accessible in an interconvertible format on the AMMCO website with the approval of its contributor. Since the data collected through SIREN-Turtle will follow the SWOT minimum standard for data collection, it will be readily available to populate the SWOT database or another database at the local, national, or global levels in only a few clicks.

Users could process their data online, generate and export statistics and graphs of interest in just a few clicks. Therefore, SIREN-Turtle will offer an easy data collection, secured storage, quick data processing, fast and easy data sharing and enhance the comparability across geographical areas and projects. Overall, while SIREN will allow general users to provide opportunistic data about dead, live, or nesting individuals to increase our knowledge of threats and hotspots, SIREN-Turtles will be dedicated to sea turtle researchers with the goal to boost the accessibility and usability of nesting data. Both apps will facilitate the decision-making process in order to improve the protection of sea turtles locally, nationally, and globally.

The application is expected to be released by the end of the year.