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Working together: Collaborative Approach in the fight against IUU fishing

                                             Working together: Collaborative Approach in the fight against IUU fishing

Collaboration is a crucial part in the fight against IUU fishing. No nation, government entity, or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) can single-handedly address IUU fishing, hence the urgent call for collaboration and actions to fight the scourge. Collaboration allows for the exchange of information amongst the various administrations involved in fishery management most especially in areas pertaining to vessel registration and identification of IUU listed vessels. To effectively tackle IUU fishing, it is important to strengthen collaboration between government entities, fishing communities and all stakeholders involved in fishery management.

In the battle to eliminate IUU fishing, transparency and information sharing are key elements to stop illegal fishing activities not only at a national level but across the globe.

As a follow up of “Stop IUU fishing” project activities, AMMCO has been providing incremental support on collaborative measures with the aim of reducing IUU fishing activities in Cameroon. In this regard, AMMCO, Environment and Justice Foundation (EJF), the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX), the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) together with the Ministry of Transport (MINT) held an inter-ministerial meeting to discuss avenues in which they can better work together. Given that the maritime administration of Cameroon is sectoral in nature, MINEPIA reports that some of its activities notably the issuance of fishing licenses is dependent on the MINT reason for the necessity of this collaboration.  To this effect, a draft collaboration agreement MINT/MINEPIA was presented. This document will undergo further amendments by MINEPIA and MINT and consequently adopted.

This agreement aims to promote the exchange of information between the two administrations with the objective of improving transparency in the fisheries sector and better coordination. It will also allow the two ministries to carryout joint activities within the framework of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) system, thus strengthening Cameroon’s capacity to fight against IUU fishing.

By Noella Mbotiji

                                             Working together: Collaborative Approach in the fight against IUU fishing

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